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Marin Petkov

Founder and visual art director MP-STUDIO


In 2008, Marin founded his own company specializing in 3D mapping and interactive visual solutions for events MP-STUDIO.

Marin realized the first 3D mapping on a building in Bulgaria (2011), on the facade of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov”. He was the author of the first interactive multimedia dance for Bulgaria in 2012, and subsequently began to implement many projects outside the country, which were also happening for the first time in the world: the first screening in the cathedral (Liege, 2013 and 2014), the first interactive laser and video system for synchronized design on a rotating three-dimensional object (2015), the first 3D mapping in a cave in the world (Han Cave, Belgium 2015).

For the fourteen years of its existence, MP-STUDIO has implemented over 450 projects in Europe and Asia: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Denmark, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, France, the Netherlands , Croatia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Marin Petkov and his team developed original content for the facades and interiors of some of the most iconic buildings in Europe and the world: Bolshoi Theater, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin TV Tower, Kuwait Opera, Khan Cave, Rome Municipality, Stock Exchange in Brussels and others.

In 2015, MP-STUDIO participated in the first world championship within the Festival of Lights in Berlin and won first place with an original 3D mapping created for the Brandenburg Gate. After grabbing several more awards within the festival, in 2018 the studio became the main production partner of the Festival of Lights International, and Marin Petkov – Art Director. For the last four years, the studio has been developing projection mapping performances and light art installations for over 50 of the buildings and locations and providing art directorate to all over 100 locations, part of the Festival in Berlin. He also participates in the organization and creates works for all festivals held by the Festival of Lights since 2018, and in 2019 realized the first visit of the Festival of Lights in Plovdiv on the occasion of Europe Day.



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