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Strahil Yordanov

Art Director


Strahil Jordanov has a 14-year career as a screenwriter, editor, and later director in some of the most-watched television productions in Bulgaria and author of various audio visual projects. 

Creative director of MP-STUDIO and scriptwriter of numerous international light shows and immersive experiences, including Vincent meets Rembrandt in Amsterdam, the Kaleidoscope light project for EXPO 2020 DUBAI, the last five editions of Festival of Lights Berlin, and LUNAR Festival of Lights. Strahil is a winner of international awards for projection mapping as part of the MR-STUDIO team and short filmmaking as a writer and director. 

Founder of SPACE DIVE PRODUCTIONS, a video solutions and film production company, with iconic projects such as the global video launch of COHIBA 55 Anniversario Edition.

Strahil has screenwriting and directing specializations at UCLA, Sundance Institute, and McKee.



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