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Maria Boycheva: We would like LUNAR guests to think about the priceless things in their lives

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Maria Boycheva is Marketing Coordinator at Answear Bulgaria. Her professional strength and passion lies in combining creativity and analytical approach. We talk to her about the power of art and creating priceless emotions.

Fashion is an art in itself. How do you imagine the combination between it and light art?

Fashion and light art have the power to evoke emotions and create atmosphere.
Like mixing colours on a canvas, by combining fashion with light art we create a symphony for the senses. Fashion, with its textures, shapes and colours, dances under the spotlight, recreating stories, emotions and sensations.

How did LUNAR win you over to get involved?

LUNAR isn’t just a festival – it’s an event that turns our city into a stage for dreams where imagination knows no bounds. LUNAR has proven to captivate audiences with its mesmerising light shows, where Answear found the perfect platform to realise the ‘Precious Moments’ mapping show – a work of modern art.

Why is it important for artists to have the opportunity to create and does business have a role in this?

Artists play a vital role in society by challenging established norms, starting conversations and opening up new perspectives. Giving them opportunities to express themselves encourages creativity, innovation and cultural life.

In the last few years, we at Answear, have been trying to give an international platform and funding to artists from different fields. In our last Graphic Design Masters competition, we received entries from over 500 graphic designers, with the best one becoming part of a special campaign in Krakow.

What is your message to the audience?

We would like LUNAR guests to think about the priceless things in their lives. With our video installation, we invite the audience to embrace moments of inspiration and introspection while motivating them to be in the here and now more often. In our hectic daily lives, we often miss out on precious moments while thinking about our next task.

We believe our interpretation of womanhood will spark reflection and emotion in audiences, reminding us to handle life’s challenges with grace and celebrate life’s small joys.

What are you looking forward to from this year’s festival?

We expect this year’s festival to be a captivating celebration of light, art and creativity. We’re sure we’ll be fascinated and inspired by the diverse installations and performances, and captivated by the inventiveness of the artists and the energy of the audience.

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