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Kristina Stojkovic: We can’t wait to see our façade to become canvas for beautiful artworks

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The facade of Hyatt Regency Sofia will be transformed into a canvas for artworks of artist from three continents.  We are discussing the importance of organizing attractive for the audience events and their impact on the economic development and promotion of the cultural tourism in the cities with Kristina Stojkovic, Director of Sales & Marketing at Hyatt Regency Sofia. She has more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Previously leading the Sales department at one of the most successful hotels in Serbia – Hyatt Regency Belgrade, in February 2022 she accepted the opportunity to join the Hyatt Regency Sofia team.

There are only a few days left until the beginning of the first edition of the LUNAR festival, and in addition to the fact that the facade of your hotel is part of the event’s program, you will be hosting trainings in the field of audiovisual arts.  What attracted you to the festival, so you decided to join it?

It is our great pleasure and joy to be part of the first LUNAR Festival of Lights, not only because it is an outstanding opportunity to interact with our guests and visitors in a truly unique way, but also because it will contribute to the popularization of the destination by putting Sofia on the world art map.

The Hyatt brand is based on creativity and innovation, we never stop to evolve and push the boundaries in everything that we do. Our goal is to deepen our relationship with our guests and drive them to interact with our brand in new ways – supporting our strategy to create new experiences that go beyond hotel stays. And this is exactly what LUNAR will do – tell stories, provoke imagination, surprise, and draw attention to history, art, and new trends. We can’t wait to see our façade come to life and become canvas for beautiful artworks, transforming our hotel into a portal to different cultures, customs, and traditions.

The opportunity to host the exciting trainings, organized as part of the festival, is also a great privilege for us. Young people will have the chance to gain new knowledge and inspiration from talented Bulgarian and international experts in the field of contemporary audio-visual arts. It is amazing to be able to support this great initiative for the local community.

What are your expectations for this year’s pilot edition of the festival?

LUNAR will transform the lovely city of Sofia into a huge and shining art scene, uniting local and international artists. As the first event for 3D projection mapping and light art in Bulgaria and the largest festival in the country so far, it will attract thousands of visitors not only from the capital, but from entire county and abroad. It is a real pleasure to work with the talented young team from MP-STUDIO who are doing an amazing job on this project. Their partnership with one of the most popular light festivals in the world Festival of Lights International Productions, the support of the European Parliament in Bulgaria, the representative office of the European Commission and Sofia Municipality is already a prerequisite for the success of the festival.

You have many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Do you have any observations about the contribution of such formats to the development of the tourism sector?

Events like these not only attract tourists and provide exposure to the artists, but they also promote social and cultural development, and stimulate infrastructural enhancement, thus strengthening the appeal of cities, communities, and tourist destinations.

It is of paramount importance to support and promote such events as part of our common strategy for economic development, nation building and cultural tourism.

On the facade of Hyatt Regency Sofia we will see artworks by artists from three continents. Can you tell us what is your message to the audience?

Our hotel will become a canvas for 9 artworks, united under the theme “divARTsity”. The artists behind them are the Bulgarian MP-STUDIO, the Australian artist Nick Azidis, the Indian Knownsense Studios and the legendary Thierry Noir – the first graffiti artist to paint on the Berlin Wall in the 1980s.

The Hyatt brand stands for diversity and inclusion, our culture is one that empowers every individual to be their best, and such authentic connection inspires the way we care for each other and for our guests. The diversity of cultures, history, traditions, customs, and points of view makes the world exciting and unique. Our message is for the power of being different and we would like to celebrate human curiosity and explorer’s spirit.

The festival aims to become a traditional event. How do you see its development in the upcoming years?

We believe that LUNAR will establish itself as a significant event in the future with the potential to grow and become one of the most attractive festivals in the region. In the past years, the Festival of Lights has become a magnet for tourists and a major economic factor with over 3 million visitors in Berlin. It is now part of the cultural programs in Lyon, Sydney, Moscow and Eindhoven and one of the best-known light art events in the world. We do hope and trust that Bulgaria will also become a traditional host of the festival and would love to have the opportunity to contribute to its success.

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