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Miroslava Staneva: The Search Never Stops – of inspiration, of knowledge, of emotions

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For the second time, eMAG and LUNAR give a chance to three Bulgarian artists to show their artworks on the largest facade, part of the festival – the one of the National Palace of Culture. A little more than a week before the deadline for participation in the eXperience by eMAG: Dream, create and inspire,we talk to Miroslava Staneva, Brand Marketing Manager at eMAG Bulgaria, about the satisfaction of giving artistic freedom and about some of the surprises that will await festival’s visitors  this year.

For the second time, you are giving artists the opportunity to create their artwork for the facade of the National Palace of Culture. What made you do it again?

The search never stops, and neither does our desire to offer new opportunities every day – to both customers and artists.

In the first edition of the competition, we had incredible success and I am happy that as a company we stood behind the initiative and gave a stage to Bulgarian artists with such an opportunity, which definitely does not happen every day.

We are also happy that last year’s competition was extremely highly appreciated by the participants and gave them new opportunities and a start of their personal search – for inspiration, for new opportunities and a field for development. It is a pleasure for me and for eMAG to be able to make the contest happen again and turn it into a tradition.

Were you surprised by the artworks you received in 2022 and what are your expectations for the artistic interpretations of the eXplore, eMotions and eFuture themes this year?

I won’t hide that last year I was slightly worried considering the fact that it was the first edition of the festival as well as the competition and I didn’t know what we could expect. I was extremely pleasantly surprised that we had over 35 developments, most of which were very good in their approach – clever use of architecture, beautiful, thought-provoking, viewer-provoking. This year I try not to have specific expectations, but I believe that we will have even more success and that even more artists will accept our challenge, so that they challenge themselves and look for their interpretation of the theme.

Why are these types of competitions important for young artists?

I believe that business has its responsibility – both to provide quality products, services and experience to its customers, and to take care for the environment and society. We do it through a numerous  initiatives, and here we have the opportunity to provide a huge stage for young artists – literally and figuratively. With the competition, we aim to provoke creative thinking, compliance with deadlines and requirements, outside the box thinking, which here is quite specific. By participating in the competition and other similar events, young artists have access to a unique audience – over 500,000 visitors, an award, a wide media response, which often does not happen to established artists. Last but not least, it is an opportunity for them to experience the feeling of seeing their art on such a scale, to reach an international stage, as we had an example with one of the winners from last year.

What is your message to them?

My message to the young artists is short and I believe it applies to each one of us as a person. I challenge them to dare, to provoke themselves and not to forget that the search never stops – for inspiration, for knowledge, for emotions and show their dreams, so that they also inspire others in their own unique way and with their own touch.

Can you tell us a little about the surprises you have prepared for the audience?

This year we are keeping some of last year’s elements that were very well received by the audience – the competition for the biggest facade within the Festival, for example. Another key element is the projection, which is in front of the National Palace of Culture, on the floor, and through it we give each of the visitors the opportunity to become part of the installation, transform it in their own way and create something of their own. Last but not least, this year for the first time we will also have a Parade of Lights, and every night the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy the artists as well as immerse themselves in this incredible experience.


About Miroslava Staneva:

Miroslava is a Marketing and Communications specialist, passionate about social responsibility, with over 14 years of experience in the corporate world. Prior to her current role, she was part of the Marketing and Communications departments of Lidl, Nedelya and The Coca-Cola Company.

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