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The Power of Fairy Tales as a Continuous Source of Inspiration

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At the heart of the Communications and Employer Brand of Furniture Videnov is Gergana Kancheva. She has been part of the company for more than four years. We talk to her about the power of talk. Gergana shares her philosophy about the power of fairy tales, which not only develop children but also influence adults. For her, dreams are fundamentally important as a continuous source of inspiration and success that transform us into better versions of ourselves.

What is LUNAR to you?

We’ve been attending it for a few years now and we’re really proud of this event that enriches the cultural life of our city. As part of our values is our belief in the power of art to unite. LUNAR is an example of creativity and innovation that we support. We thank the organizers for their commitment and courage in creating this unique festival to enrich the cultural landscape of our city.

How do these types of events change the environment in which we live?

Cultural events like LUNAR do more than transform the look of our city, turning ordinary places into exciting and magical spaces. They create opportunities for people to share emotions, immersing themselves in art and creativity that enriches their spiritual and emotional lives. These events play a key role in attracting tourists and investment, presenting our country as a modern, dynamic and culturally diverse place. For us, as the largest Bulgarian furniture company in the country, participating in this event is an opportunity to create even stronger bonds with the people who inspire and support us in our work. The festival is an opportunity to get out of the house and immerse ourselves in art, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of the comfort of our homes, where we can also be artists. The art of cosiness and comfort is just as important, and at Furniture Videnov we strive to combine creativity and innovation in our work every day.

What is your message to the audience that will visit the installation you are supporting?

To keep dreaming and to keep looking for inspiration. Let them always keep faith in their dreams, let them keep looking for love and happiness among the people around them. We believe that in life, just like in fairy tales, good always wins. Let us be inspired by teamwork and togetherness to create our own path to success and happiness and never stop dreaming to wish for more.

The festival aims to become an annual event. What do you imagine its tenth edition to look like?

Ten years from now, I imagine it will be like a true celebration of fantasy and technological advancement. The imaginary world, will be even more exciting and impressive, using the latest innovations in light and sound art. There will be more sophisticated and interactive elements that will engage the audience and immerse them in an amazing experience. LUNAR will not just be a show, but a true journey through time and space that leaves a deep impression in the hearts and minds of all spectators.

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