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Veselin Chakarov: We all need more light

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The first artwork to remain in our city after LUNAR is called “Into the Whirlwind of the City”. The light will permanently illuminate our days and nights as we pass through the underpass between “Vasil Levski” Blvd.  and “Georgi S.Rakovski” Str., thanks to the talented students of the National Academy of Arts.

The artwork focuses on the important theme of beautifying urban spaces and was created by students from the National Academy of Arts, following a clean-up volunteering initiative in the space, aiming to leave a lasting mark on the city.

The artwork focuses on the important topic of urban beautification and was created after a clean-up volunteering initiative in the space, aiming to leave a lasting mark on the city. We talk with Veselin Chakarov, Marketing Director, CityCash, who, among other things, challenges us to share every moment spent in the underpass during the festival with #CityCreatesArtForOurCity.

You are joining the second edition of LUNAR with a very interesting initiative. Tell us more about it.

The theme with which we at CityCash chose to participate in this year’s edition of the festival is In the whirlwind of the city. It represents our long-term vision of investing in our urban environment – #CityCreatesArtForOurCity, and what better way to enhance our city than with art and light?

It is no coincidence that the installation is located in one of Sofia’s most popular underpasses, because in this way visitors will have the opportunity to see how, through talent and light art, even the darkest corners of the city can shine in a whole new way. 

Why is it important to create sustainable change in the urban environment?

The city we have chosen as our home is where we all build our lives, work, learn and raise our children. Striving for better future, not only today but tomorrow, is the example we want to set as a company and as people. Our employees also took a very active part in the preparation of the initiative by cleaning and painting the location. 

What made you give young artists from the National Academy of Art the chance to transform the space?

It is great that this year artists from all over the world are taking part in the festival. We have chosen to tell the message of the In the Whirlwind of the City initiative through the skills of local talents because this story, told through art and light, is very personal and filled with emotion that can only come from the inspiration of the city you live and love. And all visitors to the festival will see that the young artists from the National Academy of Art have a talent that by itself can light up the entire space. 

Could you tell us a little more about what visitors will see in the underpass between Vasil Levski Blvd. and G.S. Rakovski Str. after 11th of May?

They will witness the charming symbiosis of colourful details, a kind of walk through traditional and popular locations, Sofia citizens’ favourite spots and corners of parks, and new routes intertwined in a fairy tale told on the walls of the whole space. But, I’ll stop here, because I’m sure that every visitor will have their own interpretation of the art, and what better than that!

Your expectations from this year’s edition of the LUNAR festival?

We expect more visitors who will walk around the open-air gallery, filling themselves with positive emotions from the combination of art and light, because we all need a little more light, not only in the city we love, but also in our everyday lives. 

Brief information about the interviewee:

Veselin Chakarov is Marketing Director at CityCash. He has 13 years of marketing experience behind him, with a focus on fast-moving consumer goods and media planning. 

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