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Yuliana Borisova: We are All “Travelers” through Our Dreams

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This year, Hyatt Regency Sofia will host not one, but two video mapping shows.

We talk to Yuliana Borisova, Marketing and Communications Manager from the hotel team about travel, inspiration and learning & growing.

What makes you believe in LUNAR?

As someone who works in the hotel industry, I am aware that our guests never stop looking for new and different experiences. It’s important for us to evolve, surprise and make them want to come back to us because there is always something new to discover. The festival gives us the opportunity to interact with them in an unconventional way and contributes to the promotion of Sofia as a destination. In addition, the passion and professionalism of the MP-STUDIO team, as well as the partnership with Festival of Lights International, the support of the European Parliament in Bulgaria, the Representation of the European Commission, Sofia Municipality, the Ministry of Tourism and NFC, promise the success of this year’s edition of LUNAR.

For the first time this year we will see a video mapping show on your facade. What is your message to the audience?

Creativity and attention to detail are at the core of our beliefs, and our message to everyone in today’s fast-paced world is to be more in the present place and moment. I’m sure the video mapping show of our facade will excite and fascinate because we are all “travelers” through our dreams as well.

During the first two editions of the event, we saw the amazing works of Bulgarian and international artists on the facade of Hyatt Regency Sofia. This year, we will enjoy the work of Ari Dykier – a very interesting contemporary audiovisual artist who has shown his artworks all over the world. Why is it important to encourage creative freedom?

Ari Dykier and we share the same views – he is inspired by travel and observing the world around us, and as part of the Hyatt brand, we never stop challenging boundaries in everything we do. Seeing the world through your own prism and showing audiences a new take on what at first glance seems ordinary is bold, and our goal is to elevate our relationships with guests to an even higher level.

Hyatt’s Be More Here campaign, which is at the heart of the show, promotes a new and unique approach to hospitality that goes beyond providing a place to sleep by driving guest awareness. Hyatt supports and encourages diversity in all its forms, empowering each person to be the best version of themselves. This, in turn, defines the way we treat both each other and our guests.

This is the third time you have hosted the training program, part of the festival. Why is it important to keep learning?

Our entire team is extremely happy that for the third year in a row our hotel will have the opportunity to host the practical training sessions organised during the festival. The workshops will take place at the Hyatt Regency Sofia over two days and I myself can’t wait to attend to once again draw inspiration from talented experts from Bulgaria and abroad in the field of visual arts and 3D mapping technologies. I like to say that there is always more to come, because learning new things is, without a doubt, the foundation of growing as a person.

Festivals like LUNAR encourage people to travel and rediscover cities in a new way. Do you believe that these types of formats can support the development of the cities in which they are organised?

Based on the achievements of the previous two years, we can safely say that LUNAR has already established itself as a significant event in the region. I am happy that more and more people are realising the importance of supporting this type of format, because it is these that make our capital shine.

LUNAR aims to become an annual event. What do you imagine its tenth edition to look like?

This year is the third edition of the festival, and for Hyatt Regency Sofia it is a brand new beginning. The opportunity to make a so-called leap from static projections to a mapping show promises to fascinate the audience even more.

I believe that both we and LUNAR itself will continue to develop and I hope that its tenth edition will include even more buildings in other cities in Bulgaria and have the opportunity to showcase the works of even more artists, both Bulgarian and international.

About Yuliana Borisova:

Juliana joins the Hyatt Regency Sofia team in 2022. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from the University of Worcester and Federation University Australia and a Master’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management with a specialization in Marketing from IULM University.

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